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The Trick to Moving PowerPoint Presentations from a Mac to a Windows PC

I hear this all to often “I’m not getting a Mac again as I can’t use my PowerPoint presentations on a Windows PC”. Well yes you can and the same applies from Windows to a Mac. I usually hear this … Continue reading

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Running Out of Memory on Your Mac – Memory Clean App Will Help

If you have a Mac whether it be an iMac or one of the MacBook notebooks then you have probably seen the spinning beach ball from time to time. It may be because you are running out of memory. So how … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at Instant Hotspot and Handoff on Your iOS Device and Mac

One of the things that really used to bug me was if I was out and needed to connect my MacBook Pro or iPad to my iPhone so I could go the internet. I know wifi is in a lot … Continue reading

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Technology I Found Useful in 2013

From a technology point of view I didn’t feel that this was a year where there were many “wow” moments, if any at all, and the usual leaders in wow, Apple, seemed a little flat. In fact like many it … Continue reading

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Tag Files in Mavericks OS X

Searching for files is something I seem to do everyday, I think this has been made worse by the volume of photographs I now take, much of this because it has become a key part of my work. However, it … Continue reading

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Freeing Up Memory on your Mac

This little tip could speed up how you work and may well stop you getting that spinning wheel on your Mac. Your Mac is good at giving back memory it has been using when you close a file or program … Continue reading

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Organising Files and Folders On a Mac by Colour Coding Them

Looking through files and folders and remembering where you are up to can be really time consuming, but for some time now I have been colour coding my files so that I can see their progress. This is a great … Continue reading

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Formatting an External Hard Drive to Use on Windows and a Mac

Are you one of those people, like me, who uses both Windows and a Mac and has to transfer files from one to another with an external hard drive or memory stick. Mac OS X and Windows 7 can read … Continue reading

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