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How to Edit Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

Don’t just stop once you have taken a photo on your iPhone or iPad, you can make them look a lot better with very little effort by editing it right there on your device. There are a quite a few … Continue reading

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What is Brilliance in the iPhone Photo App When Editing, iPad too

I use photography editing apps all the time like Lightroom and Photoshop, but I do also use the photo app on the iPhone and iPad to edit photos. It has certainly come a long way and you can do some … Continue reading

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Create a Timelapse with your iPhone

As much as I enjoy using my mirrorless camera the camera I have with me all the time is the one on my iPhone and it is a great camera. Like me I’m sure that you take lots of photos … Continue reading

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What is a gimbal?

What is gimbal? It is a great device for vlogging or for capturing video with your smartphone keeping it nice and steady. Continue reading

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Using Your Apple Watch to Take Photos with Your iPhone

Why not go one step further than taking a selfie with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Since you can use the Apple Watch as a remote control for your iPhone camera why hold your iPhone at arms length when you … Continue reading

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Why Use a Canon Camera as a Webcam Using the EOS Webcam Utility

Many of you have been using Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and other apps for keeping in touch and also for teaching and demonstrating during the lockdown. And I think many of you will keep doing this when everything returns to … Continue reading

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Filming Tips When Working from Home #filmingfromhome

For many of us we are now working from home and that has many challenges including staying engaged with your customers, students, colleagues and workforce. A great way to do this is to create videos, ┬ásomething that I usually do … Continue reading

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Powering Your Smartphone or Tablet When You Are Running Low on Battery

There are not many of us with a smartphone who doesn’t get to some point in the day hunting around for a plug socket or to see who has the same phone so that we can borrow their charger. Smartphones … Continue reading

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How to Look at Film Negatives Using Your iPhone

I was sorting out all these old photos and scanning them in as I went, and yes, there are still lots more to scan in. Whilst doing this I also came across lots of negatives and was wondering what was … Continue reading

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Hands On Introduction to Your DSLR

Sometimes technology can take away the enjoyment of things we like doing such as photography. So many of us like taking photographs and would like to take better photos so invest in a DSLR. DSLRs take great quality photographs and … Continue reading

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