Using Zoom to Live Stream to Facebook

Earlier this week I posted a video about live streaming to YouTube directly from Zoom and you can do the same and live stream to Facebook.

Why use Zoom for live streaming, well many of us are already familiar with it and although there is more sophisticated software for live streaming out there you don’t have to learn something new or pay for more software. Zoom is also enough for what many of us need.

So here is how to live stream to Facebook using Zoom and also two other videos. One for YouTube which I posted earlier this week, so you might have already seen it, and another for live streaming to many other platforms such as Vimeo and Hopin.

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Using Zoom to Live Stream to YouTube

There is no doubt that live streaming has become more popular than ever and that in the past few years we have all come to know Zoom.

If you are doing conferences or webinars then you might have used Zoom to do this, particularly during all the lockdowns we have had. But you don’t have to limit your audience to Zoom you could in fact stream your webinar or even conference to YouTube using Zoom which you are most likely already familiar with.

This saves you learning or even having to purchase more sophisticated software but for the most part Zoom will do the trick.

In this video I will show you how it works and if you are interested I have also included two other videos below that, one on how to live stream from Zoom to Facebook and another on how to live stream to other platforms such as Vimeo, Hopin and many other that use something called RTMP.

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Speed Up Your Work Using Macros in Excel

The thing about Excel is you can have the same old tasks to do day after day. Import some data, then format it to look like the data the previous day and the day before that, then create a chart, save it and print it out. It’s so familiar you can do it with your eyes shut but it does take up time and you are bored of it. Wouldn’t it be good if a robot could do it.

Well there is a way to automate it. In its simplest form you can just get Excel to remember the steps by just telling it to record what you are doing. You can then press a button or a shortcut key and it will do it all over again in a fraction of the time, like just a few seconds, although could be a a little less or more depending on how much you need to do. The nice thing is this works on both Windows and Mac.

This is what I show you how to do in the video below. Now you could make this more sophisticated by getting into the programming side of these macros using the program it uses to create it which is called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), it might sound daunting but it isn’t. But you can use it to create prompts, dialog boxes, messages and even do things depending on the data or values. It can do more and will be creating more videos for that but for now here is how to record a macro.

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Add Multiple Stops in Apple Maps for Your Journey

Until now if your were planning a route using Apple Maps you could do it from point A to point B, but guess what not all journeys are like that. You might need to go via another destination, perhaps you need to pick something up on the way.

Well now you can add in other stops along the way. Here I show you how and also how to reorder them, the is useful as you can move the stops around to see which is the quickest route.

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Record Video with Your Mac Using the FaceTime HD Camera

We are all familiar with recording with our smartphones but you can also record using your Mac. This might be more convenient as you don’t have to prop the camera up as the FaceTime HD camera on your Mac is already supported.

So here is how you can record yourself on you Mac.

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Using Your iPhone as a Webcam on Your Mac

Someone asked me this a few years ago, “if the camera on you iPhone is so much better than your Mac why not use that as your webcam”. Well there are apps that can do that. Some need to be connected using a cable. And for some you need to pay for it, perhaps it is to get more features or remove their logos.

Now with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura your iPhone will connect automatically so you can use it in many applications such as Zoom, Teams, Skype, Camtasia and many more that would normally use your built-in camera.

The iPhone camera is not just better but it is better in low light. Maybe the cameras they start putting into the Macs will get better.

The other thing is it also uses Center Stage, it’s like having a camera person follow you as it pans around to keep you in the frame.

Something else that is useful is you can move the iPhone to show something. Of course if you are just using it as a webcam to talk to people or record something you will most like it mounted on a stand or tripod. There are mounts available to mount to your laptop.

Here in this video I show you how it works.

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Finding Where You Parked Your Car with Your iPhone

Huh! I do this more often than I would care to admit, just where did I park the car?

Now what I have done for a long time is photograph where I have parked, particularly in car parks so I remember what floor and aisle I left the car. The photo also stores the GPS information, of course you might not have a GPS signal in an underground parking garage, but still you have the information right there in the photograph.

But have you noticed in Apple Maps it shows you where you parked your car. If not have a look.

So how does it know where you parked. Well, as I explain in the video below and show you where to find this, it has to do with your iPhone connecting to your car’s bluetooth, a good idea for using hands free phone calls and also listening to your playlists or podcasts. Now, when you park and switch off the car the bluetooth disconnects and this is the prompt that the iPhone uses to mark your location.

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How to Edit Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

Don’t just stop once you have taken a photo on your iPhone or iPad, you can make them look a lot better with very little effort by editing it right there on your device.

There are a quite a few things you can adjust but you probably don’t need to make many changes. Exposure, colour, contrast and other settings can make your photos pop. Cropping can also help to make the composition that much better or potential remove something you don’t want in there.

The best thing is that this app is right there on your device and here is a video I made to help you out.

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What is Brilliance in the iPhone Photo App When Editing, iPad too

I use photography editing apps all the time like Lightroom and Photoshop, but I do also use the photo app on the iPhone and iPad to edit photos. It has certainly come a long way and you can do some much in adjusting exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, colour and so much more.

One that caught my eye was brilliance, I had not seen this before in the other editing apps and wanted to know more about it.

It kind of does the opposite to contrast in that it make the highlights less bright and the shadows brighter. I always like adding contrast but I do like this for the right photo, there have been times I have adjusted the highlights and shadows to get the same effect, so now they have made it more convenient. In fact I have added both to sometimes get a particular effect.

Why not give it a go yourself.

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