Organising Files and Folders On a Mac by Colour Coding Them

Looking through files and folders and remembering where you are up to can be really time consuming, but for some time now I have been colour coding my files so that I can see their progress. This is a great feature on Apple Macs and use it for a number of things.

When I’m doing photography and video I often colour code files to indicate if they are good or bad, so if I’m looking through my photos I might mark them green because I like them or red if they are ones I would more than likely not look at again.

I also use the colour file label, which is used for colour coding, to mark the status of a document that I am working on, so one colour can be used for in progress, another for review and another for complete.

What is great is that I can use the Finder for searching on these files or folders based on their colour.

See my video tutorial below to see how to do this, for more tutorials see my website

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