The Trick to Moving PowerPoint Presentations from a Mac to a Windows PC

I hear this all to often “I’m not getting a Mac again as I can’t use my PowerPoint presentations on a Windows PC”. Well yes you can and the same applies from Windows to a Mac.

I usually hear this because the video they have used in their PowerPoint does not play when they move it and it has nothing to do with moving from one platform to another but from one computer to another whatever it is.

It is something quite easy to resolve and personally I think this is a good idea anyway.

There are three things I feel you need to do.

1. Make sure the video is in a format that is likely to be compatible on as many different devices as possible. This is usually an MP4 file. Try the file on a Windows computer, preferably the one you will be doing your presentation on.

2. Put the presentation and any videos in the same folder before embedding or linking your video into your PowerPoint presentation.

3. Check it. That’s right. When you are done take your presentation whether it is done on Windows or a Mac and check it on another computer. Even Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac try it out. If you can try it in the computer you are doing your presentation on.

That should do the trick. This is what I do and it has worked for me.

Here is a video tutorial following these instructions.

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