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Creating a Gantt Chart in Excel

Of course there is the brilliant program MS Project for project management but perhaps you need to do something a bit quick and not as involved as what you can do with MS Project. Well you could have a go … Continue reading

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PowerPoint’s Rehearse with Coach to Help You Present Better

I think we all want to know that we keeping our audience engaged when we are doing our PowerPoint presentation. So how many of you rehearse your presentation either in our heads or out loud? Now if you do rehearse … Continue reading

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How to Use AutoFill in Excel without Changing the Formatting

One of the many tools in Excel that speeds up how you work is Fill, used to be called AutoFill way back, it is how you can quickly make a series or copy values or formulas by simply clicking and … Continue reading

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Using DoubleTake on Your iPhone to Record with Two Cameras at the Same Time

I’ve been using this great app called DoubleTake, it allows you to record with two of the cameras on your iPhone at the same time. This means you can record with the front and back camera at the same time. … Continue reading

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Record the Screen on Your Mac using the Built-In Software

More people I know have spent time recording their screens on their Macs for teaching and demos than ever. Unfortunately this had a lot to do with lockdowns and trying to show how things worked on their computer screens. Some … Continue reading

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iPad Multitasking Made Easy

One of the great things about computers and tablets is the ability to do more than one thing at a time, that’s right multitasking. You can multitask with the iPad. Maybe like you I really enjoy using my iPad. There … Continue reading

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Copy Text Directly from a Photo on Your iPhone or iPad

If you are like me you often take a photo of something so that you have the information handy and can then make some notes. Perhaps it is a poster, business card, some notes or other text. Now in iOS … Continue reading

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How to Set Multiple Timers on Your Apple Watch with WatchOS 8

Do you ever have those moments when you need to set the timer on your watch but you also need to set a timer for something else and perhaps another one. I know I do. There are certainly times I … Continue reading

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What is a gimbal?

What is gimbal? It is a great device for vlogging or for capturing video with your smartphone keeping it nice and steady. Continue reading

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Screen Share Across All Your Breakout Rooms in Zoom

A new feature in Zoom allows you to share screen across all of your breakout rooms. Continue reading

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