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Using Zoom to Live Stream to Facebook

Earlier this week I posted a video about live streaming to YouTube directly from Zoom and you can do the same and live stream to Facebook. Why use Zoom for live streaming, well many of us are already familiar with … Continue reading

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Using Zoom to Live Stream to YouTube

There is no doubt that live streaming has become more popular than ever and that in the past few years we have all come to know Zoom. If you are doing conferences or webinars then you might have used Zoom … Continue reading

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Speed Up Your Work Using Macros in Excel

The thing about Excel is you can have the same old tasks to do day after day. Import some data, then format it to look like the data the previous day and the day before that, then create a chart, … Continue reading

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Add Multiple Stops in Apple Maps for Your Journey

Until now if your were planning a route using Apple Maps you could do it from point A to point B, but guess what not all journeys are like that. You might need to go via another destination, perhaps you … Continue reading

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Record Video with Your Mac Using the FaceTime HD Camera

We are all familiar with recording with our smartphones but you can also record using your Mac. This might be more convenient as you don’t have to prop the camera up as the FaceTime HD camera on your Mac is … Continue reading

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Using Your iPhone as a Webcam on Your Mac

Someone asked me this a few years ago, “if the camera on you iPhone is so much better than your Mac why not use that as your webcam”. Well there are apps that can do that. Some need to be … Continue reading

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Finding Where You Parked Your Car with Your iPhone

Huh! I do this more often than I would care to admit, just where did I park the car? Now what I have done for a long time is photograph where I have parked, particularly in car parks so I … Continue reading

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How to Edit Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

Don’t just stop once you have taken a photo on your iPhone or iPad, you can make them look a lot better with very little effort by editing it right there on your device. There are a quite a few … Continue reading

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What is Brilliance in the iPhone Photo App When Editing, iPad too

I use photography editing apps all the time like Lightroom and Photoshop, but I do also use the photo app on the iPhone and iPad to edit photos. It has certainly come a long way and you can do some … Continue reading

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