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How to Enter a Series of Dates in Excel That Are Only Weekdays

Do you have to enter data for a bunch of dates but only need weekdays? Excel has the answer for you using the Autofill feature. It allows you to create a series of dates that only include the weekdays.  All … Continue reading

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How to Use the SUMPRODUCT Function in Excel

Many people will have at least two columns or rows of numbers that first need multiplying together and then totalling up. In most cases they will create a formula that multiplies them together and then use the SUM function to … Continue reading

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VBA: Using the IF Statement

The IF statement is one of the most important concepts to use when programming, it is simply used all the time. The IF statement helps the program make decisions based on criteria you have set. So it can decided on … Continue reading

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How to Use Excel PivotTables

Excel is full of great tools for doing data analysis, in fact it is sometimes useful to import data from another application or database and analyse it in Excel. One of these great tools is the PivotTable. It is quick … Continue reading

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Excel Formulas, Getting Started with Calculations

There are many things that Excel can do but fundamentally it is used for doing calculations. These can be simple or complex. I’ve done quite a few on functions and also some that use multiple functions but I needed to … Continue reading

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How to Do Headers and Footers in Excel 2010 and 2013

Headers and footers in Excel 2010 and 2013 are a bit different to how you get to them in say Excel 2003. Here in this video is how you can use them.

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How to Get Multiple Lines in an Excel Cell

This is a common request in Excel, how do you have more than one line in a cell? All you need to do it turn word wrap on. In the video below you can see how to do it.

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