Create a Timelapse with your iPhone

As much as I enjoy using my mirrorless camera the camera I have with me all the time is the one on my iPhone and it is a great camera. Like me I’m sure that you take lots of photos and probably some videos too. But there are other options such as creating a timelapse. Sure they take more time, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but the results can be fun and also dramatic.

Using the iPhone, and I’m sure on other smartphones, it is so easy to do. A good idea is to have it resting on something or using a stand or tripod. You want to keep it steady, although some people move, walking along, to create a hyperlapse. More about that in another blog.

Timelapse’s are great for so many things, clouds moving, sunsets, sunrises, following the moon, construction, gardening, setting something up and so much more. I think it is a lot of fun so have a go yourself.

I know it is easy but here is a video I made to show you how and some tips.

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How to Loop a PowerPoint Presentation

Whenever I help someone set up a conference or a stand at an exhibition I remind them that it can be really useful to have a PowerPoint presentation looping though some slides.

If you have a stand then this is obviously useful as something on your slides, hopefully all of them, can catch someone’s eye and then tell them more.

For a conference you have a captive audience. When they are arriving why not have some slides about the programme, the sponsors and maybe even other events or activities.

The good news it is easy to do and I have created a video that you can watch below.

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500th VLOG and Getting Started with YouTube

Well it is taken a little while but as we finish up 2022 I have reached a bit of a personal milestone. Yesterday I published my 500th how-to vlog on my YouTube channel. When I started this it was simply to help my Dad with computers and gadgets. He liked his gadgets. What I hadn’t realised is that other people were watching.

What then happened is people were asking me to do work for them, this has led to a long standing working relationship with one client that has lasted 17 years, with hopefully more to come.

Then someone said “have you monetised it”. I was like what are they talking about. It was a trickle at first. It hasn’t made me rich but it now brings in something that boosts the coffers.

That all aside I do enjoy making them and it is nice to know people have found them useful.

So in this video, aside from wanting to thank you all for supporting me, I thought I would share some tips in case you have been considering starting your own channel.

If you do and want advice drop me a line and I will help if I can.

As I write this it is New Year’s Eve so Happy New Year and wish you all a fantastic 2023.

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Creating a Gantt Chart in Excel

Of course there is the brilliant program MS Project for project management but perhaps you need to do something a bit quick and not as involved as what you can do with MS Project. Well you could have a go at using Excel. The think in Project that makes it useful is a Gantt chart, a visual representation of your project over time, lets just call it a timeline. That’s built right in. What’s great is that as you make changes to durations, start dates or even move tasks the Gantt chart instantly updates.

Now in Excel you can add the data like the task, start date, duration, resources etc. But it would be nice to have the Gantt chart too, however, you have to create the Gantt chart yourself and might not have some of the features of MS Project. Excel, however, can be useful.

Here in this video I show you how to create your own Gantt chart in Excel.

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PowerPoint’s Rehearse with Coach to Help You Present Better

I think we all want to know that we keeping our audience engaged when we are doing our PowerPoint presentation. So how many of you rehearse your presentation either in our heads or out loud?

Now if you do rehearse have you got someone giving you feedback? And if you do what sort of feedback are they giving you? Now Microsoft have added a feature into PowerPoint called Rehearse with Coach and I’ve got to say I love it. It gave me feedback that I have not had before, some of it was reassuring but it also got me thinking about other areas that I can improve on.

The great thing is it give you feedback as I rehearsed including things like do I “umm” and “ahh” and also if I used a word or words too often. I also told me that I was talking too fast and slow down.

When I completed it I got a report telling me how many slides and how long I took. It then showed me the filler I used like “uhh” and any repetitive language, it can even tell you if the language you are using is inclusive or not. It did tell me my pace, that is words per minute, and it seems my pace is just right at 140 words/min. You can see your pace over time too.

The pitch told me I wasn’t monotone. That’s a relief as that could put your audience to sleep.

You might have heard the term “death by PowerPoint” when someone is just reading their presentation from the slides. The rehearse with coach will tell you if you reading from the slides. I’m pleased to say I didn’t. I like to keep the information on the slides relevant but to a minimum, think of it as something help show what you are talking about and also as a prompt for yourself. I don’t use the notes as I use my slides as a prompt.

Here is a video I made to show you how it works and do a small part of my presentation to show you the feedback and report in action.

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How to Use AutoFill in Excel without Changing the Formatting

One of the many tools in Excel that speeds up how you work is Fill, used to be called AutoFill way back, it is how you can quickly make a series or copy values or formulas by simply clicking and dragging on the bottom right hand corner of a cell. I’ve always loved this feature.

However, when you use Fill it also copies the formatting and you might not want to do that. For me the most frustrating thing is that it usually messes up how I have formatted my cell borders.

But there is a solution and that is to right click and drag and not left click. You then get options like Fill without formatting, there is also an option to just copy the formatting.

Here is a video I made to show you how it works. I’ve also included some links to other useful videos to do with Fill including one of my favourites, Flash-Fill, it is so clever.

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Excel Fill/Autofill:
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Using DoubleTake on Your iPhone to Record with Two Cameras at the Same Time

I’ve been using this great app called DoubleTake, it allows you to record with two of the cameras on your iPhone at the same time. This means you can record with the front and back camera at the same time. Useful for interviewing, explaining something so your audience can see you and what you are demonstrating.

If you have more than one camera on the back then you can choose a combination of these so you could have a wide angle and telephone recording at the same time and then you can choose which shot to use when editing.

There are three options when recording. You can have split screen, picture-in-picture or discrete. With split screen and picture-in-picture it records one file and you can’t change the position of the recordings afterwards. Well you kind of can with the split screen with a bit of cropping and repositioning. If you record discrete it creates two separate files and you can edit them independently afterwards. They are the same length and start at the same time so easy to line up. They also both have the audio track.

To get the files from your iPhone to your computer you can AirDrop them or save them to your camera roll. You can also edit directly on your iPhone too. I like using LumaFusion but do also use iMovie When on the computer I use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, if you are interested.

The maximum resolution is 1080p

If you have the iPhone 13 Pro or the Max version you can record in ProRes.

Here’s a link to the app on the App Store:

Check out my video below to show you how it works, by the way I use a gimbal, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, to help keep the shots steady when I’m walking. I also use the Rode Wireless Go II to record the sound. Links below the video.

Useful links:

Devices used in this video Osmo Mobile 3:

Newer versions:
Osmo Mobile 4:
OM 5:

Rode Wireless Go II:

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Record the Screen on Your Mac using the Built-In Software

More people I know have spent time recording their screens on their Macs for teaching and demos than ever. Unfortunately this had a lot to do with lockdowns and trying to show how things worked on their computer screens. Some resorted to having to purchase software such as Camtasia, which is a great bit of software that I use all the time for creating tutorials.

However, you might just want to record a one off or perhaps you just don’t have the budget just now for purchasing another bit of software.

If you are a Mac user you will be pleased to know that QuickTime, built right into your Mac and free, does just this. You can do this by opening QuickTime or by pressing these three keys, command+shift+5.

Here’s a video I made to show you how it works and what your options are.

If you want to see how to record the screen on your iPhone or iPad check out this post.

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iPad Multitasking Made Easy

One of the great things about computers and tablets is the ability to do more than one thing at a time, that’s right multitasking. You can multitask with the iPad. Maybe like you I really enjoy using my iPad. There is so much you can do with it, I’ve even started video editing and processing my photos on it thanks to apps like Lumafusion for the video editing and Adobe Lightroom Mobile for my photos.

Multitasking was a little fiddly on the iPad having to drag and hold and drop it in just the right place. But with iPadOS 15 Apple fixed that and made it so much easier to. Now there are three dots at the top of the screen with any app that allows you to multitask, not all apps can multitask.

In this video I show you how to multitask on your iPad with iPadOS 15

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Copy Text Directly from a Photo on Your iPhone or iPad

If you are like me you often take a photo of something so that you have the information handy and can then make some notes. Perhaps it is a poster, business card, some notes or other text. Now in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 you can actually copy the text directly from any of your photographs and paste them into wherever you can add text like Notes, Word, Pages, Excel, an email, you get the idea. You can even copy that email address and add it to an email, a website address copied into Safari.

This is something I have been using all the time, I not only find it useful but it saves me time too, and also reduces errors, you know those typos when transferring something you are typing out.

If you want to see how it works check out this video I made for you.

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