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Losing Weight

Jargon Free Help is more than just technology. I like to share my experiences and hope that it helps others. For some time I’ve been working hard to try and lose weight through dieting and exercise. But for a long … Continue reading

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Internet Ready TV

I read somewhere this week that Internet ready TVs outsell 3D TVs by seven times. This might have something to do with Internet ready TVs being cheaper and that many TVs are Internet enabled even if people are not looking … Continue reading

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Watching Movies Online for Free…Legally

With less and less good quality TV to choose from the regular schedule more people are turning to watching programmes and movies online when they want to watch them. The problem is many of these are not legal and are … Continue reading

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iPad and the Camera Connection Kit

There are times you wish you had done something sooner and I will admit I should have got the iPad accessory the camera connection kit sooner. I really enjoy taking photos and think that the iPad is a great way … Continue reading

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Ready for Your Holiday

In the Northern Hemisphere many people are getting ready for their summer holiday, and some people in the Southern Hemisphere are thinking on getting away from the cold. It always seems like a mad rush to get things together and … Continue reading

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Preventing Fraud

There are many things we worry about one of them being can people hack into your bank account or credit card. Well they can, usually if you are not careful enough but I guess there are many ways people can … Continue reading

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All About iPads

People assume that I have an iPad and start asking me about it before they’ve seen me with it or that I’ve even told them I have it. I think the biggest misconception is that many think it is just … Continue reading

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