Really Super Fast Broadband

I almost seems to go with the territory that anytime someone mentions broadband speeds you hear “I never get the speed I was quoted”, well I’m pleased to report that the opposite has happened to me recently. I recently got the new fibre service from BT called BT Infinity. This is the new super fast service being rolled out across the country.

Anyway it doesn’t slow down at peak time and so far seems to be stable, no dropping out.

What was I quoted for speeds? Download 17.9 and upload 6.7

What am I getting? Download 35Mbps and upload 7.6

That is vastly better.

What does it mean?

It means I can download the average song in 3 seconds and a movie in just a few minutes.

On average it takes about 30 minutes to upload one of my podcasts, not one of my longer podcasts. Now it takes 1 minute 45 seconds. This is saving me so much time.

If you’re interested have a look at

Happy computing


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