Blogging from My iPad

It’s been just over a week since getting my iPad and I have found it very useful. So many people thought it might have been just an oversized iPhone and I was thinking it might have been too. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was so much more.

Firstly there is a word processor for £5.99 called Pages made by Apple, it is a good word processor and easy to use, I can transfer files to my computer or email them. I can do this and save in Word or PDF format. I can email in either of these formats too. Obviously I can do this in the Pages format too. Pages is part of the iWork package on the Mac but they have revamped it for the iPad.

There is also a spreadsheet called Numbers. You can transfer to computer and also export or email as a PDF, it doesn’t export in Excel format yet, but if you have iWork you can transfer it and then save in Excel format there.

The calendar is easier to use and I love the layout, the maps are bigger so easier to plan a route and there are many other apps that have been updated to work on the iPad.

Email is great and I find the Internet faster that my iMac. I also seem to get a 3G signal where I don’t with my iPhone 3G, same carrier, but must have a bigger antennae in the iPad.

Photos and video are stunning on it but I think we all expected that.

Books are better than expected as they are easy to read, you can bookmark and copy text.

And there is this app for blogging on WordPress which is easy to use.

If you’ve got an iPad what have you been surprised to find on it?

Happy computing


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A bit of a techno nut who likes sharing what I know about technology, especially with those who struggle with it. Also through my podcast
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