Watching Movies Online for Free…Legally

With less and less good quality TV to choose from the regular schedule more people are turning to watching programmes and movies online when they want to watch them. The problem is many of these are not legal and are of dubious quality, oh and they can have viruses too. So where do you go to watch good quality movies for free and of good quality?

Well websites are springing up with legal content at no cost. If you are in the UK there is the BBC iPlayer, this is fantastic as it has so many of its popular programmes, but it also has movies it has screened too. There is also YouTube, you can find a selection of films there that are bound to grow, these can be found at

More and more of these will be cropping up as watching programmes and movies becomes more popular online. This is very likely as new TVs, blu-ray players and other devices like the Apple TV connect to the Internet so you can watch connect. Some even have their own services. All these devices can connect to various services including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Love Film, YouTube and more.

Speaking of NetFlix and LoveFilm, both started out doing DVD rentals by post but now for a low cost allow you to watch movies over the Internet. I know we are all looking for free movies but for a low cost this could be worth it.

If you want to see this and more go to my website

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