How to Use AutoFill in Excel without Changing the Formatting

One of the many tools in Excel that speeds up how you work is Fill, used to be called AutoFill way back, it is how you can quickly make a series or copy values or formulas by simply clicking and dragging on the bottom right hand corner of a cell. I’ve always loved this feature.

However, when you use Fill it also copies the formatting and you might not want to do that. For me the most frustrating thing is that it usually messes up how I have formatted my cell borders.

But there is a solution and that is to right click and drag and not left click. You then get options like Fill without formatting, there is also an option to just copy the formatting.

Here is a video I made to show you how it works. I’ve also included some links to other useful videos to do with Fill including one of my favourites, Flash-Fill, it is so clever.

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