Using DoubleTake on Your iPhone to Record with Two Cameras at the Same Time

I’ve been using this great app called DoubleTake, it allows you to record with two of the cameras on your iPhone at the same time. This means you can record with the front and back camera at the same time. Useful for interviewing, explaining something so your audience can see you and what you are demonstrating.

If you have more than one camera on the back then you can choose a combination of these so you could have a wide angle and telephone recording at the same time and then you can choose which shot to use when editing.

There are three options when recording. You can have split screen, picture-in-picture or discrete. With split screen and picture-in-picture it records one file and you can’t change the position of the recordings afterwards. Well you kind of can with the split screen with a bit of cropping and repositioning. If you record discrete it creates two separate files and you can edit them independently afterwards. They are the same length and start at the same time so easy to line up. They also both have the audio track.

To get the files from your iPhone to your computer you can AirDrop them or save them to your camera roll. You can also edit directly on your iPhone too. I like using LumaFusion but do also use iMovie When on the computer I use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, if you are interested.

The maximum resolution is 1080p

If you have the iPhone 13 Pro or the Max version you can record in ProRes.

Here’s a link to the app on the App Store:

Check out my video below to show you how it works, by the way I use a gimbal, the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, to help keep the shots steady when I’m walking. I also use the Rode Wireless Go II to record the sound. Links below the video.

Useful links:

Devices used in this video Osmo Mobile 3:

Newer versions:
Osmo Mobile 4:
OM 5:

Rode Wireless Go II:

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