Wifi on the London Underground

For those of us that live in London we have two main bugbears the London Underground, affectionately known as The Tube, and the weather. I’m ire wherever you are in the world you are aware of the weather we endure in our green and pleasant land and many visitors think we have a great transport system. Well its not bad but creaking a bit under the volume of travellers and simply the age of the system.

However, Mr Branson has brought us some relief, Wifi on the Tube courtesy of his company Virgin Media. It’s not at all stations yet but it is growing and available at key stations. Now that’s important. It’s at stations which means in ticket halls and platforms but not in the tunnels. But this is useful. You can quickly check your emails and maybe even reply to some, check Facebook, Twitter and read my blog 🙂 and even get to check your favourite website or travel information. I guess if there are delays you can do more.

On my iPhone I was able to use iMessage to text anyone I knew with an iPhone which is most people, although I couldn’t get FaceTime to work. It would connect but couldn’t talk or see the person at the other end.

So what do you have to do to get it to work. Firstly you need to be at a station with wifi from Virgin Media, you can check on which stations have it by clicking here.

When you connect which usually means going into settings and choosing the wifi connection if it hasn’t prompted you. Now go to your browser, this is important, each time you connect you need to go to the browser to register you on the network. If you straight to your email or twitter app it won’t connect. If it’s your first time you will need to register, it is not much information just your email address.

Each time you connect after you have activated an account you will see the Virgin Media splash page. After that you can surf the Internet but before you do the Virgin Media splash screen for have some useful links including latest travel news.

At the moment the kind Mr Branson is letting us have free wifi on the underground for the summer of 2012, so don’t expect this free service to last much past the end of the Paralympic games. How much it will then cost is not known yet, people with Virgin Media at home are bound to have a different deal than those who do not.

Hopefully they will accommodate all the visitors we have to London whether they are here for a day or more.

Happy surfing.


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