Problems Sending Email From iPhone and iPad

When you set up your email on your iPhone or iPad it seems very easy to set up and you are getting emails in not time and in most cases it is really this simple. However, every now and again someone tells me they are having trouble sending emails. It appears as though everything is correct and you have entered your password correctly otherwise you wouldn’t be getting the emails.

Here’s a catch that sometimes crops up, you need to enter the password to send the emails too, it is usually the same password you used to set up the account which allows you to receive the emails. So how do you do it, this may vary slightly depending on the account.

  1. Go to your Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap on the account that is not sending
  4. Tap on where is says Account with the name or email address of the account next to it
  5. Where it says Outgoing Mail Server you will see a box that says SMTP, tap on this. If you have a or iCloud, you need to tap on Advanced and then you will see this.
  6. You will see Primary Server at the top or it could be just one server. Tap on it.
  7. In there is a place to enter your password, if it is blank or says optional, add in your password. Try that and if it still does not send then in the same place you might need to switch on SSL or you may need to change the server port, possible settings for the server port include 25 or 587. Do each of these one at a time and test to see if it works.

Hope that helps. If it doesn’t please drop me a line using the comments box below and let me know what device you are using and who you use for your email like gmail, hotmail, iCloud etc


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2 Responses to Problems Sending Email From iPhone and iPad

  1. Perry says:

    Gary, i followed the instructions and entered my password for the outgoing mail server, click Done, and i get checks next to each item on the list, but i still can’t send e-mail. When i go back to the settings, the password area says Optional again. Tried a few times and the password doesn’t stick. Any ideas? All settings are identical to those on my Toshiba notebook computer which works fine.

    • garysch says:

      Hi Perry, if you are using sympatico for your email and it looks like you do, go back to the section which had the outgoing mail and check in the SMTP setting to see if it has this, it also recommends that you have a port setting of 25, according to them you need no username and password in the outgoing settings but I would leave that there. Make sure password is set to authentication and SSL is on. Let me know if that helps.

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