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Where Do Downloaded Files Go?

Ever clicked on a link to download a file, maybe from a website, link in an email, Dropbox or somewhere else and then wondered where the file you download went. Whether you are using Windows or a Mac they seem … Continue reading

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Tips for Making Your Wifi Go Faster

Have you wondered if your wifi or broadband is going as fast as it should. I often hear people saying that they don’t get the speed they expect when they get broadband. The provider quotes them a speed and then … Continue reading

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Connecting to Wifi That You Don’t Want To

Do you have an iPhone or iPad and find that you get home or to your office and you think you are connected to wifi but nothing is coming through. Well I found this happening to me and some of … Continue reading

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Wifi on the London Underground

For those of us that live in London we have two main bugbears the London Underground, affectionately known as The Tube, and the weather. I’m ire wherever you are in the world you are aware of the weather we endure … Continue reading

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