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Useful Site of Excel Functions

Excel is such a useful program but many people using it only scratch the surface. One of the most useful things about Excel are its functions for doing calculations. They are basically built in formula to work out everything from … Continue reading

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Compare Data in Excel Lists

This is one of those things I get asked about on a regular basis. It is when someone has two lists and they need to check that they have the same data. It could be an old list that needs … Continue reading

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Using Excel Functions on a Mac

OK, so this one is a little specific but as both a Windows and Mac user the one thing that does frustrate me is that Excel on a Mac uses the Insert Function differently to how it works on Windows. … Continue reading

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Excel 2010 and Functions

Excel is one of the best software packages out there. It can be used for doing simple things like creating lists or doing straightforward calculations through to automating processes and advanced calculations. There is something for everyone and it is … Continue reading

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