Zoom: Recording to Local Computer and Cloud at the Same Time

As you might expect some of the ideas I get for my blog come from people asking questions, and today was no different. The question they wanted to know was could you record to your computer, a local recording, and to the cloud at the same time. This is something I haven’t tried and it sounds like a good idea. That way you have a backup.

You might ask “why not just record to the cloud and then you have a backup?” Well the local recording can be better quality and also easier to edit with. I did a tutorial about this which you can find here.

We did find a way to do it and that was to make the other person a co-host and then you can both record. So I made him the co-host, I then chose the option to record on this computer and he chose to record on the cloud. If you want to know how to make someone a co-host then click here.

I did notice that when he clicked on the record to the cloud option my icon for recording changed to indicate that it was recording to the cloud but was in fact also recording locally. You can see the icon below.

cloud recording

Now I did mention that I started recording to the computer first and then he started recording to the cloud. I don’t think it will make a difference if you start the cloud recording first. Why don’t you try it.

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