How to Get Better Quality Zoom Recordings

Zoom is used a lot now for meetings and webinars and I’m sure like many you record them to edit and add to your website, YouTube, Vimeo or other social media platform. The quality of the recordings are ok and they can be a bit awkward to edit. However, you can get better quality and a video file that is easier to edit.

If you have tried to edit one of these files you might have noticed you press play to check it on the timeline to find the right point to edit and there is a delay and the same applies when you pause it. Like me you probably have missed the point you want to stop at. That’s because the video is very compressed and your editor has to uncompress it and it has a lot to do. The less compressed the fast it can be edited. Problem is the file size is bigger.

You will also find the quality is better is you choose to have a file that is easier to edit.

Here are my three tips for better quality Zoom recordings.

  1. Record to your computer, that makes it local file.
  2. Optimize for 3rd party editing software.
  3. Turn the HD option on for your camera. Oh, one other thing maybe use a camera better than the built-in webcam, your iPhone or Android is a good option, here’s how you connect your iPhone

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