The Trick to Getting a Good Result When Using a Teleprompter

How many of you have had to come to grips with filming from home over the past year? It seems it has been many. Once you come to grips with that you’ve then realised it would be nice to have some notes or maybe a teleprompter, just like news readers have. Wouldn’t that be great not having to memorise the lines.

Here are some tips that I think will help you out.

  1. Remember you can edit so why not just remember small bits at a time. This can really take the pressure off.
  2. If you know your stuff, and I think you do, don’t try and script it out, just have some bullet points, you know what to say. This must be what many do when using PowerPoint or Keynote to do a presentation. I know for me the slides are a good prompt when I’m teaching or doing a presentation.
  3. If you want some notes or a teleprompter then you will want them as close possible to the lens as possible. If you are too close it might show that your eyes are looking somewhere other than the lens. If you move back it helps with the eyeline. Make sure you don’t go too far back.
  4. If you are using a script on a prompter then it is good to have read it through out loud and make sure you are familiar with it. This helps make it feel more natural rather than sounding like you are reading it.
  5. Move a little, watch news readers, they kind or move their head a bit, it helps with eye movement so that your audience doesn’t see your eyes moving as you read each line.

In the video below I am using my iPhone as a prompter above the camera, you can use other smartphones, tablets or an iPad with the appropriate holder. If you feel like you want to take this a step further then you might want to invest in a prompter that sits in front of the lens, this is how news readers and other TV presenters do it. I have a video below the first video showing how to use one and will be doing a video very soon on how to use one.

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A bit of a techno nut who likes sharing what I know about technology, especially with those who struggle with it. Also through my podcast
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