Copy Video to Your iPad or iPhone All Photos Using iCloud Photo Library

Copying video to your iPhone or iPad so that you could use it in apps for sharing like on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or for editing in something like iMovie meant storing videos in the right folder and then syncing with your computer. 

Videos for many of these apps are only available when they are visible in All Photos. With the iCloud Photo Library it is now easy to get both photos and videos from you computer, Windows and Mac, to your iOS device. 

The latest iPad Pro has highlighted that it is possible to edit video on these mobile devices including the iPhone and have done this myself using both an iPhone and iPad. I needed this as I had created a title video on my computer and needed to add it to my iPad so I could complete a video. I used the iCloud Photo Library for this. 

You do need to look out for large files as it syncs over the internet so can take some time. Also if you can’t see you video it could be that it is in date order and it is based on the date the files was created and modified not when you added it, so you may need to scroll through your album to find it. 

Here is a video tutorial to show you how it is done. 

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