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Excel 2010: Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting allows you to automatically get Excel to change the appearance of some cells based on their values. This is particularly useful if you need something to stand out so that as you scan the worksheet you are quickly … Continue reading

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Switching Data Around in Excel

Have you got some data in an Excel worksheet that you have going across in a row but would prefer to have in a column or vice versa? Many times I have seen people copy cells one by one into … Continue reading

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What’s New in iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad

A new iPhone is here and so is iOS 6 for other iPhones and the iPad and there are some changes that you are going to like and one or two you might not. One change that you might not … Continue reading

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Sending a Message or Setting a Reminder When Declining a Call on Your iPhone with iOS 6

When you get a phone call on your iPhone and you are busy you can send a text message to let them know you will call them later or set a reminder to call them in an hour or when … Continue reading

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Turning Off Notifications Temporarily in OS X Mountain Lion

If you’re doing a presentation or you need to do some work without being distracted or notifications are simply bugging you then you can temporarily switch them off easily.

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iOS 6 Safari Now Allows You to Go Back More Than a Page at a Time on Your iPhone and iPad

Another neat feature with iOS 6 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is that you can go back more than one page at a time to return to another page you have visited whilst surfing the internet. Previously you … Continue reading

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What Happened to Podcasts in iOS 6 and the iPhone 5?

So there is a brand new iPhone and for those of us still content with the older versions of our iPhone and also iPad there is a new iOS which runs these devices. You will notice a few changes like … Continue reading

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