What’s New in iOS 6 for iPhone and iPad

A new iPhone is here and so is iOS 6 for other iPhones and the iPad and there are some changes that you are going to like and one or two you might not. One change that you might not like is that there is no more YouTube app.

You’re now saying “but I use that all the time” like I did. When I downloaded the test version of iOS 6 I couldn’t believe it. It seems that the license to use it has expired, YouTube is owned by Google and have let it expire. But there is no need to worry as you can use Safari just like you use YouTube on any browser on your computer. By the way Safari has a lot more tabs on the iPad, I’ll come back to this. There is also the Chrome app where YouTube works too.

It’s also rumoured that Google are making a YouTube app which will replace the app we lose and will be downloadable from the App Store, I’ll let you know when or if that happens. But it doesn’t really matter if it works on the Chrome and Safari browser.

So back to the Safari browser, not only does it seem faster but it also has a lot more tabs on the iPad that you can have open at the same time. Currently you can have eight, but with the iOS 6 version I counted 24. That’s a lot more browsing. You can also jump back more than one page at a time, see the video below.

Also if you have an iCloud account and use it on all your devices including your computer you can see open tabs on your other devices and computer. That’s neat and I’ve been using that. Whilst using my iPad I can pick up where I left off when I was using my iMac and vice versa.

Another feature I really like is the VIP option in Mail, something you may have already used in Mountain Lion. Check it out in the video below.

Before iOS 6 you could only have one mail signature for all your email accounts on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, assuming you have more than one email address. However with iOS 6 which come installed on the iPhone 5 you can now have a different signature for each email account. See the video below to see how.

There was another thing that caught my eye when I downloaded the test version was I couldn’t get to my podcasts that I’d downloaded. I watch a number of podcasts and also wondered how people were going to download the Jargon Free Help podcasts. This has been sorted with the recent addition of the Podcasts app from Apple, and actually I like it. It organises them a lot better. Watch the video below for more on the new Podcasts app and how they are now organised.

The stores such as iTunes and the App Store have also been redesigned which is an improvement too. I’ll have to do a podcast to show these in action.

The iPad now has a Clock app with world clock, alarm clock, timer and stopwatch. For both the iPhone and iPad Clock app you can set it to play a music track rather than a ringtone. See how to use it in this video.

How many times have you been woken in the middle of the night because of a phone call or text message, or seen a work email flash up as a notification after hours thats annoyed you. Well now there is the Do Not Disturb feature that remedies this. You can specify when time you want the do not disturb to start and what time to end. During this time time the device will not alert you to texts, calls or emails. You can set it to receive calls from favourites when do not disturb is switch on, if someone is not one of your favourites and they call twice within three minutes it will ring assuming that the call must be urgent.

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