The ATEM Mini Could Change the Way You Teach Online

This past year the classroom has moved online and this can be a useful way to teach. It is not the only way and as we return to normality online teaching still has its place. In fact I have been helping universities since 2005 create e-learning material.

One of the downsides to teaching online is having just one camera and for many subjects adding another camera or more can really help. I’m sure there are some subjects that come immediately to mind like music, cooking, science, art, dancing etc. And this does not need to be fiddly.

Part of the problem is connecting another camera and how do you connect more than one camera. Also isn’t it going to be expensive? In the world of video the device I use here, the BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini is actually quite reasonable. I have some links below where you can buy one and see the latest price.

The ATEM Mini does allow you to connect up to four devices that have HDMI, so this can obviously be four cameras but you can also have a computer with an HDMI port, iPad, iPhone, gaming devices and anything that has HDMI or an adaptor to plug in HDMI. I do this by plugging in either a laptop or iPad so I can show my presentation or show images, video or websites. In another video I will show you how I do this with a green screen (link coming soon).

In this video you will see how you can use it.

Link to:

ATEM Mini:

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