Using Your iPhone When on a FaceTime Call

One of the things about FaceTime, if you are doing a video call, is that if you want to do something else like look something up, check an email or any of a whole multitude of things you can do on an iPhone or iPad whilst staying on the call and seeing the person you are talking to, well you wouldn’t be able to see them. And they would see the message “paused” on the screen whilst you were doing something else. This only paused the camera, but if you were seeing the message you would be forgiven for thinking something had happened and that maybe you weren’t there. If you have done this you’ve probably heard them ask if you are still there.

iOS 14 has resolved that so you can still see who you are talking to as a little video in the corner known as picture-in-picture. They also don’t see the “paused” message, no more hearing them saying “are you there?. So a win for both of you.

You can move the picture around on the screen, useful if you are doing something else and it is in the way.

To see how it works check out my video below and happy FaceTiming

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