Improve Your Recordings or Your Zoom, Skype and MS Teams Calls Using a Ring Light

This is a common problem when filming yourself and that is getting the lighting right. It doesn’t just apply to filming if you are on a video call, like Zoom, Skype or MS Teams, then you know how often people you are calling or even yourself are trying to get the light just right. Thankfully there is a really easy and cost effective solution.

A ring light. These have been very popular with people making those makeup vlogs. The one I have in the video below showing you how it works has a holder for a smartphone and a stand so you can adjust the height and angle. You can also choose to use it in landscape or portrait.

You can also adjust the light, you can choose to have a warm or cool light. Warm is usually more flattering but you will work out which one is best for yourself. You can also adjust the brightness. It really is very simple and it just plugs into a USB power adaptor or your computer USB.

Now when you see these online they show it being used with the smartphone holder but you can just use it as a light with any camera or even your webcam.

Here is the video and below the video are links to the items I used in the video.

LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand, 10 inch Dimmable Ring Light, 3 Color Modes and 10 Brightness, USB Powered, Heighten Hose, Phone Holder for Live Streaming, Makeup, Camera, Selfie:

Microphone kit for iPhone,Lavalier Lapel Microphone Speaker Omnidirectional Audio Video Recording:

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