Sorting Out All Those Dongles with a USB-C Hub

If you’re like me and have a MacBook Pro or another Mac with USB-C ports you might have dongles to connect to your older USB devices like hard drives, scanners or even your network, SD card or HDMI TV or monitor. This is not only costly but that is a lot of dongles to carry around with you.

The same is try if you have an iPad Pro, it only has one port so you might need something that can also including plugging in power.

Thankfully a USB-C hub came to my rescue and they work on Macs with USB-C and with the iPad Pro, the ones with a USB-C port.

The great thing is it not only allowed me to connect to USB 3.0 devices but also allows me to connect a USB-C device or power. It also has an HDMI port, network port a slot for not only my SD card but also a micro SD slot, that’s so useful as I don’t need to carry around the annoying micro SD to SD card adaptor. So that’s a SD card read and a micro SD card reader in the same gadget.

Mine is from a company from Alleasa but there are others, they might have different ports or features. I have to say I’m pleased with mine and hope it sorts out all those connectors for you too.

Here’s a video I made about it.

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