Getting Started with iMovie

Working from home over the past few months has become the norm for many and with that having to record themselves using their smartphone like an iPhone or Android phone. Just before the lockdown started in the UK I made a video on showing how to record yourself.

But people also want to edit and if you have a Mac then you may well have iMovie, and if not it is free, well the last time I looked (16th June 2020), it is free on iOS devices too like your iPhone and iPad.

The thing about iMovie is you can do a lot with it, OK, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro CC allow you do more but they are more for professional use and have features many don’t use. If you need to record something and put something together for work or even for your family occasions or holidays then iMovie is probably for you.

To get you started, and this takes you through creating a project, importing video, images and music, and then on to editing, adding titles, music and finally sharing your movie.

I broke it down into two part and there are chapters as well, a nice new feature on YouTube, here’s the link to that post, how to add chapters

Here are the two videos for you.

Getting Started with iMovie – Part 1

Getting Started with iMovie – Part 2

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A bit of a techno nut who likes sharing what I know about technology, especially with those who struggle with it. Also through my podcast
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