Connecting a Wireless Mic to an iPhone or iPad

Smartphones like the iPhone record great video, and the iPad is good too, and they can be edited directly on your iPhone and iPad. But there is one thing that can let it down and that is the sound recording. It’s not too bad if you are close to the iPhone but you don’t always want to be that close or your subject is not that close. Let’s face it how often have you watched a video and trying to hear what is being said has let it down. There is the adage often said in filmmaking circles “audio is 50% of video”. This is because audio quality is often overlooked.

Thankfully it is possible to connect a wireless mic so that you or your presenter are free to move around. With my video camera I can connect it up using the cable that came with the wireless mic. However, to connect to an iPhone or iPad you need at least one other connector to convert the input, it is just a small inexpensive cable. If you don’t have a headphone socket and just a lighting connector you also need another cable, which does come with some iPhones, so you can plug into the lightning port.

The good thing is it does work and not only good for video recording but live streaming too.

Here are the bits I used to connect it all up:

Rode Wireless Go:
Clip on mic (kind of optional): (I might be able to lend you one for that week).
They do a bundle of the Rode Wireless Go and clip on mic:
Rode SC4 adaptor:
3.5mm to lighting adaptor:

Here’s a little video I made to show you how to connect it all up.

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