9 Really Useful PowerPoint Tips for Presentations

If you haven’t got enough to think about when doing a PowerPoint presentation here are some tips that will make it a little less stressful and at the same time might help keep your audience’s attention.

  1. Start Your Presentation Quickly
    Want to start your presentation without fiddling around with the mouse to start the presentation? If you are using Windows press the F5 key on the keyboard, it is usually in the top row of your keyboard. If you are using a Mac press cmd and enter.
  2. Successfully Using a PowerPoint Created on a Mac on a Windows PC
    There is a myth that if you use a PowerPoint presentation created on a Mac on a Windows PC the media like video and even pictures will not work. The trick is, and this applies to any presentation moving from on computer to another for both Windows and Mac, is where you store all your files. Adding them all to the same folder will help.
  3. Joining PowerPoint Presentations Together
    If you are running a lecture, seminar or conference then it can save time, look nicer and more professional if the presentations flow from one to another. Here is how you can do this.
  4. Inserting a Screenshot into a Slide
    Need to add a screenshot to a PowerPoint presentation? If you have the Windows version then there is a feature built in to PowerPoint to do just that.
  5. Inserting a YouTube Clip into a Slide
    YouTube has so many videos it seems almost inevitable that there is something out there that is worth adding to your presentation. It could be one you’ve created. Many search for the video they need in advance and then flip to the browser during their presentation. However, it is so much easier to add directly into a slide.
  6. Adding a Screen Recording to a Presentation
    There are many tools available for creating screen recordings and the Windows version of PowerPoint has this feature built in.
  7. Using the Pen and Laser Tools These built in tools to use during a presentation are really handy. It allows you to highlight parts of a slide or draw something right there on the screen. The laser pointer saves you having to look for a laser pointer and can be easier to follow. Also handy if you are recording what is on the screen, a conventional laser pointer will not be recorded.
  8. Zooming in on a Slide During a Presentation
    Got an image or chart that is hard to see, no problem just zoom in using a tool in PowerPoint.
  9. Quickly Moving to a Slide in Your Presentation
    Ever have that moment when you need to refer to a slide in a presentation and you click through the slides to find the one you want, here you can find the slide easily without stopping the presentation and having to restart it.

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A bit of a techno nut who likes sharing what I know about technology, especially with those who struggle with it. Also through my podcast www.jargonfreehelp.com
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