iOS 8 Features

Are you ready for iOS 8. Hope you’ve backed up you iOS device already or at least do it before you upgrade.

Anyway as it is due out today I thought I’d point out some of the features that perhaps a Apple haven’t really drawn attention to. A bit like the iPhone 5S when it came out, little mention of the slo-mo video camera which I like using. For iOS 8 I’ve not heard much about the time-lapse feature in the camera. Maybe that is not something I will use as much as the slo-mo camera. Speeding up something using the the time-lapse is something I might use once in a while but some things look great in slo-mo and a great tool for watching back sport and analysing what someone is doing.

A useful feature the camera now has is a self timer which must be in direct response to the desire for selfies. So now you can press the button and wait a few seconds before it takes the photo. This does mean you can hold it steadier as pressing button can cause shake. It also means you can pop it on something like a tripod and get a better selfie. Their are small tripods like the Joby GorillaPod that have models for iPhones or you can get a little holder made by Glif and add to more or less any tripod big or small.

The new predictive text is better and gives your more choices rather than just one word. It also works slightly differently in rather than taping to cancel the word it is suggesting you tap to select the one you want. The option is also larger so easier to tap on. I have liked this feature.

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