Using Do Not Disturb Feature on iPhone and iPad

Before the Do Not Disturb feature came along on my iPhone I had to make sure it was switched to silent before going to sleep. Like so many I keep my iPhone on overnight but if it wasn’t switched to silent there was the risk of a phone call, possibly wrong number, or text message coming through to disturb my well needed beauty sleep.

When Apple added the Do Not Disturb feature it meant I could schedule when I would like this turned on and off. I have it set to turn on at 10pm and then off so I can receive calls and text messages from 7am. What would be great, if anyone at Apple is listening, is to have it scheduled for different days so that on the weekend I can have it turn off this feature later.

So there are some caveats to not receiving any calls or messages when the feature is on and you can set that up in the settings. For example, you can set it so that it only works when the screen is locked, that means if you are using the iPhone or iPad it comes through as normal.

You can set it so that your favourites can still contact you or from a particular group that you have created. You can also set it so that if someone from the same number rings you twice within three minutes the call will come through. Good if someone really needs to get hold of you and it is important.

All of this can be found by tapping on Settings on your iOS device and then tapping on Do Not Disturb.

iOS Do Not Disturb 1

You will see that you can turn on and off Do Not Disturb at any time and this can be done by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping on the button that looks like a new moon.

iOS Do Not Disturb

By the way, if you have turned on Do Not Disturb without realising it, and I have seen this done, then you may be wondering why calls are not coming through to you or only some calls.

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