Scam: Phone Call Telling You That There is a Problem with Your Windows PC

If you get a call saying you have a problem with your Windows computer just hang up. I’ve heard of people getting calls like this before but it happened to me today and I knew exactly what they were up to. They want control over your computer so they can take control of your computer and steal your details.

As I said whatever you do just hang up. I stayed on the line as I wanted to hear what they had to say. They sound convincing so unless you have called for support then it is not genuine. If you have called a support centre for help and they call you back ask for a number to call them.

I can tell you that if you go along with this not only can it turn out to be costly because you have given your details but also because you will probably need someone to help you remove the problem from your computer.

Please do share this with family, friends and colleagues. I do not benefit from advertising from this blog post, but would like to make sure as few people as possible are affected by this nasty attempt to try and steal from you.



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A bit of a techno nut who likes sharing what I know about technology, especially with those who struggle with it. Also through my podcast
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