Syncing Office for iPad with Your Mac

If you have got Office for iPad you’ll have soon realised how useful it is and in my opinion better than the other programs that try and use Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You’ll also have noticed it prefers to save the files in OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage system. You can save to the iPad but it doesn’t have the benefit of being backed up instantly or sharing with your other devices like your computers.

Sharing with your computer means being able to create and update documents there and then use them on the iPad and vice versa. I have been using this and it works really well. Well I had been using it mainly between my Windows computer and the iPad, I’m using Office 2013 and the link to OneDrive is all built in you just need to sign in to use it.

However, on the Mac the most recent version of Office is 2011 so not quite up to date enough to have the connection to OneDrive. You could use the Share option to save to what it still calls SkyDrive. However, opening documents is not so straight forward.

Thankfully there is a free app for OneDrive that adds a folder and does the connecting up to your online storage. Here in this short video tutorial I show you how to do it.

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