Save Battery Life on iOS 7

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 7 like me you might have noticed how quickly it is draining your battery. This is because of all the clever background things going on. So here are a few things you can switch off to improve battery life. By the way, if I discover more I will update this blog.

Don’t forget you can always plug your device in to charge anytime. The battery does not need to be flat to charge. Li-ion batteries can be charged at anytime without affecting the life of the battery.

Before you read on here is the same information in a short video to show you how to do these tips.

Background Apps

It is great that apps are updated in the background but they are using up your battery life. I switched them off. Go to Settings ->General->Background App Refresh and then switch it off. This is what it looks like on my iPhone when switched off.

iOS 7 background app refresh

Location Services

It turns out that even if you aren’t using location services on some apps like Facebook and Twitter they may still be using battery life. Switch off those you don’t need.

Go to Settings->Privacy->Location Services. In the image below you will see that I have the 360, AA, Around Me and ATM Hunter apps switched off and the Apple Store app switched on.

iOS 7 location services

Moving Wallpaper

Have you noticed that your wallpaper moves when you tilt the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, very cool but it too uses up battery life. You can stop it doing it by going into Settings->Accessibility->Reduce Motion and switching it on. Yes, you need to switch Reduce Motion on. It looks like this when switched on.

iOS 7 reduce motion

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