Filtering Data in Excel Using Autofilter

We all know Excel is great for doing calculations but it is also handy for managing lists of data which means being able to filter information to find what you are looking for. When Excel 2007 came out there were significant changes to how the Autofilter works.

Here are two tutorials on filtering using the Autofilter feature one on Excel 2003 (which works for Excel 2004 and 2008 for Mac) and the other for Excel 2010, which works the same way for Excel 2007.

Autofilter for Excel 2003

Filter for Excel 2010

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1 Response to Filtering Data in Excel Using Autofilter

  1. Helen says:

    I always wanted to know, how to clear multiple filters in one step and also how to disable the AutoFilter. Excel Aid gives me the solution on But your tutorial is also very clear and understandable. It:s a pity that I didn’t find your site earlier.

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