Copying Video from Computer to iOS Device – iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

This is a question I get asked a lot, how do I get my video from my computer to my iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It sounds like something that should be really straightforward but it seems many of people don’t know where to start. Below are three video tutorials to help you out. The first thing is to have the video, this could be something you’ve created that may have been recorded on your camera or edited in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere or some other video editing package.

It could also have been downloaded or given to you on a disc or memory stick. The other option is that you ripped it from a DVD, and I do have to point out that in some countries ripping DVDs is illegal even for personal use.

The three videos below include two on how to copy video from a DVD using software called Handbrake ( which is conveniently free and does a great job. Also good for generally converting video files, even if not from a DVD, to work on your iOS device. The third video is how to get the video from your computer to your iOS device. You do all realise now that iOS device refers to any of the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, just making sure.

So here are the videos:

Copying Videos from a DVD Using Handbrake for Windows

Copying Videos from a DVD Using Handbrake for Mac

Copying Videos from your Computer to Your iOS Device

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