Leaked Password on LinkedIn Means Changing Lots of Logins

How many of you have used LinkedIn and been concerned about how your LinkedIn account has had its password leaked and need to hurriedly change your password? Well it shouldn’t be just LinkedIn you should be worried about, many of you use the same email and password combination for a whole load of accounts like FaceBook, Twitter, Gmail (which is also your Google account for things like Google Docs, Calendar, Adsense, Analytics etc), Dropbox, WordPress and their may be a whole load more. If you use these for banking, PayPal or anywhere that involves money or sensitive information I would change those first.

There could be quite a few to change, I would not delay in sorting these out now. If you have these apps on a mobile device it is likely you will be required to enter a new password when you next use them or sign into them.

Here are some instruction on how to change your passwords for some of these services:

To change LinkedIn:
1. Go to LinkedIn.com
2. Login
3. On the top right where you see your name hover the mouse over it and click on settings.
4. You will see under your name and Primary Email it says Password and next to it a link that says Change, click on Change.
5. A box will pop up type in old password a new one and confirm it.
6. Click on Change password.

To change gmail and your Google account which includes Google Docs:
1. Go to gmail.com or google.com
2. Login
3. In the top right you will see your name, click on it and a menu will appear, click on account.
4. On the Accounts page click on Security on the left.
5. In the password management section click the button Change password.
6. Type in your current password and a new one which you need to type in twice.
7. Click save.

To change Facebook:
1. Go to Facebook.com
2. Login
3. Click on the arrow in the top right and choose Account Settings from the menu
4. You should now be in the General Account Settings
5. You will see Password on that list under Name, Username and Email, click on the Edit link to the right.
6. Type in current and new password, you’ll need to re-type it.
7. Click Save Changes

You might need to change Dropbox too, to do that.
1. Go to Dropbox.com
2. Sign in
3. In the top right where you see your name click on it, a menu appears, choose Settings.
4. Across the top you will see some tabs click on Account settings.
5. On the right is a box labelled Password reset, type in old and new password.
6. Below that under the Email preferences click on the Change settings button.
7. That’s it, it does not need a confirmation or for you to re-type.

To change Twitter:
1. Go to twitter.com
2. Sign in
3. On the top right you will see a silhouette of a head with an arrow next to it, click on it and choose Settings from the menu.
4. On the left you will see a link to Password, click on it.
5. Enter your old password and a new one, you will need to type it again to verify it.
6. Click on Save Changes

This is not a comprehensive list of all of those you need to change but if you are using the same email combination and password as the one you used on LinkedIn you should change them.

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