iPhone 4, Has It Been Worth It

I had been recently thinking about getting an iPhone 4, but was thinking well perhaps I should wait for the iPhone 5 which should hopefully be with us by the middle of this year. However, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that my iPhone 3GS was recently stolen and the decision was made for me.

I was thinking that I know the iPhone 4 is faster than the 3GS but I was surprised at how much faster and also at the improvement to the camera as well.

One thing in particular was bothering me and that was the speed of the calendar on the 3GS, I used to get frustrated by how fast it loaded or rather how fast it didn’t load. If that wasn’t bad enough adding or editing events in the calendar was incredibly frustrating. On the iPhone 4 it is so much faster. I’m sure this is not just down to the processor but perhaps how all the hardware and software fits together on the iPhone 4. Perhaps the iOS updates are just not really cut out for the iPhone 3GS.

This was probably the biggest improvement for me as I use the calendar often but I have to say everything has been an improvement.

I guess my plan to get an iPhone 4 for my wife has been confirmed, she uses the 3G and I used it the other day, my goodness it was so sluggish, I guess if you don’t use something fast you wouldn’t really notice but it was a big difference for me.

As many of you know I like taking photos and video, and yes it is a camera in a phone and doesn’t offer me some of the benefits of my DSLR but the photos and video are more than acceptable. The camera also starts faster.

Another thing that I tried was Skype and making a video call with it, I was really impressed. I didn’t have to switch on the computer I could see who was online quickly and make the video call. Often it is a pain to switch on the computer to check. Skype is a great app whether it be on a mobile device or computer. Putting it on a mobile device like the iPhone only makes it more convenient. I guess I will have to give FaceTime a try.

The other thing really noticeable is the iPhone 4, this is something I had noticed before in the shop. I was using a microscope recently in a microsurgery simulation lab and had looked at the screen on the iPhone 3GS so on Thursday I did the same to the iPhone 4 and yes even under a microscope it was blatantly obvious that the pixels were a lot finer. In case you were wondering I was videoing trainee surgeons learning to do microsurgery.

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