My Wish List for IPad 2 and iPhone 5

We all have a list of things we want and features we want on our gadgets are no exception. In the part few weeks, no maybe months, there has been lots of talk about what is rumoured we will get on the new iPad 2 and iPhone 5, if that is indeed what they are going to be called.

There seems to be no doubt that there will be at least one camera built in to the iPad 2 and it will be front facing so you can use it for FaceTime, Skype and other communications apps, also good as a mirror too. The thought of a rear facing one to take photos seems almost pointless as it will probably be too cumbersome for that, bit to appease the masses they may add one.

But what is on your wish list?

I guess a lot of people want to use it for storing files, that doesn’t bother me so much as I use Dropbox which works on both the iPad and iPhone.

I’d like to see better imaging software on both devices, there is some but I figure they can do better. iMovie on the iPad is a big tick for me.

Sync notes with apps like Outlook and Entourage.

Wireless syncing.

Easier transfer of iTunes including iDevice settings to a new computer.

Backing up to Time Capsule.

Faster file transfer.

Built in SD card and USB to get photos and video files from cards and cameras directly yo the device.

I know they will add a whole load of clever things including many things we may not have thought of, however, there is one thing, and it is so simple and some software apps have it but not for the reasons I would like. But a button to take a picture with just like you have on a normal camera, the volume buttons could be used as a zoom control. Common Apple that must be so simple. Pressing a button on a screen is so awkward and means you have to hold the camera with two hands. How often have people drop the phone of missed the shot trying to get a photo of themselves or having to stretch out with one hand.

Let’s see what’s coming in 2011 on Wednesday 2nd March.

But what would you like to see?


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