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I read somewhere this week that Internet ready TVs outsell 3D TVs by seven times. This might have something to do with Internet ready TVs being cheaper and that many TVs are Internet enabled even if people are not looking for this feature.

Having said that Internet on your TV makes a lot of sense, in my eyes this should have been done years ago and far more useful than connecting your fridge or other household appliances to the Internet.

So when talking about Internet enabled TVs some have Internet browsers and others have access to services available online such as games or video services like YouTube, the BBC iPlayer and many others. For me it is the services I’m interested in as using a browser with a remote control is probably a little tiresome, however, it wont be long before we have a variety of keyboards to make it easier.

The one thing I was particularly interested in was the BBC iPlayer as I like sitting back and watching programmes and sitting in front of the computer is not as comfortable and there are distractions like email. So I connected the TV to the router, I used a cable but apparently this can be done with a wireless adaptor. I decided to check it out, I did a search and decided to watch Click. Now to give you and idea of how good it looks, my wife, brother and sister in law came into the room not realising how I was watching Click, they all thought it was coming through the Sky box. They were seriously impressed when I then told them it was coming through the Internet.

I then checked out YouTube, naturally I had to check out the videos I have added to YouTube and they looked better than expected. As you might expect from other sources on YouTube some were good and some weren’t but this is normal for YouTube.

There are many others like blip and DailyMotion as well as services like LoveFilm, yes the people in the UK who do DVD rentals through the post. They are offering movies and TV shows as part of a rental package but as well as having access to DVDs through the post you can also watch many movies and TV shows online.

Some of these like the BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm are available in the UK, depending on where you are will determine what is available to you. Check out what you could be getting and as time goes on more will get added.

If you have a TV that you have bought recently then perhaps you have these features available to you but just weren’t aware that they were there.

If you want to see an Internet enabled TV in action then watch this weeks podcast at


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