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Swapping SIM and Keeping Number

SIM swap O2

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The iPhone 5S is Still a Good Phone

As people scramble to get the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus there are many who are just getting into the idea of getting an iPhone like my aunt. She’s retired and is really embracing the iPad she has … Continue reading

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iCloud Backup Extra Space

I have been using iCloud to back up my iOS devices like my iPhone and iPad and needed more than the free 5GB capacity. Although this works for many my devices needed more than that. I always felt it was … Continue reading

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iOS 8 Features

Are you ready for iOS 8. Hope you’ve backed up you iOS device already or at least do it before you upgrade. Anyway as it is due out today I thought I’d point out some of the features that perhaps … Continue reading

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Using the SUMIFS Function in Excel

I would say one of the first things people learn in Excel is how to total up a column or row of numbers. This is done very simply by using the SUM function. The AutoSum button in most cases does … Continue reading

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Counting Empty Cells in Excel Using the COUNTBLANK Function

So you might be aware of some useful functions that allow you to count up how many cells have text or a value in it using the COUNT function, you can also count cells based on specific criteria using COUNTIF … Continue reading

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Upgrading to iOS 8

Another software update to Apple’s latest iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is almost here, 17th September 2014, and although upgrading is usually straightforward it is a really good idea to backup your device first. In fact I highly … Continue reading

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How to Stop Videos Playing Automatically in Facebook on iPhone and iPad

Not so long ago Facebook added a feature where video started playing automatically as you scrolled through your timeline. I found this particularly frustrating and others have said to me that this has eaten away significantly at their mobile data … Continue reading

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Showing the Last Saved Date of a Word Document

There are things that are handy in Word that we can get to display automatically in the body text of a document, header and/or footer like the current date, page number, author, file location etc. This week I was asked … Continue reading

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Better Security on Apple’s iCloud Available to You

So some celebrities thought a good place to store photographs of themselves in various states of undress was somewhere online! I guess they could be forgiven for believing that online cloud storage like Apple’s iCloud should offer them security and … Continue reading

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