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Restricting Access to Children on Their iPod touch, iPad and iPhone

Children have a habit of doing things you don’t want them to whether it is surfing the Internet or downloading movies, TV shows or apps. On an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad they could be buidling … Continue reading

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Creating an iTunes Account without a Debit or Credit Card

If you want to set up an iTunes account you have to enter a means of payment, but what if you don’t have a debit or credit card to do this or you want your children to have an account … Continue reading

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Panorama Feature in the iPhone Camera

No they did not include this as a feature for the iPad and iPad mini, I have no idea why. However, if you do have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 then you can use this feature and it is … Continue reading

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New iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini for Christmas

If you’re luck enough to have got a new iPhone, iPad or iPad mini then you must be grinning from ear to ear. The people at Apple have made it simple to get started and all you have to do … Continue reading

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New Google Maps App for iPhone – December 2012

It wasn’t that long ago when Apple released iOS 6 and replaced Google Maps with Apple Maps and things didn’t work out so well. It has taken a little while but Google have released their map app for the iPhone … Continue reading

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Filtering Data in Excel Using Autofilter

We all know Excel is great for doing calculations but it is also handy for managing lists of data which means being able to filter information to find what you are looking for. When Excel 2007 came out there were … Continue reading

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Excel Tip: Freeze Panes and Split Windows

If you have large worksheets when you scroll from side to side and up and down you cannot see what is in the top row and first column. Thankfully Excel has a couple of features to help sort this out. … Continue reading

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Sorting Data in Excel

Excel is great for storing lists of data and you may need to manage that data by sorting it into order. Here is how you can sort data in Excel by doing a quick sort or by adding levels to … Continue reading

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Compare Data in Excel Lists

This is one of those things I get asked about on a regular basis. It is when someone has two lists and they need to check that they have the same data. It could be an old list that needs … Continue reading

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